7 summer celebration worthy desserts

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I am so sorry I have not posted in over a week!  I’ve had an issue with my host server that was not allowing me to create new blog posts, and they took my site off-line for 6 days to rectify the issue, which has been a bit frustrating. As you can imagine I am quite pleased that it has been rectified and we can go back to normal – I’ve missed sharing my inspirations with you! Thank you so much for bearing with me.

I hope you’ve had a great week and thought I would share some fabulous summer dessert ideas I’ve come across this past week.  Cooking for the seasons is one of the best things about living in a place that has seasons.  Incorporating different ingredients when they are at their freshest and most nutrient rich is ideal and there are so many wonderful options during the summer.

While not necessarily an ingredient, summer is also the best time to incorporate ice cream into your dessert menu to offer your guests a refreshing & cooling post dinner option. These are all scalable and would make great dinner party, cocktail party or wedding dessert ideas {recipes are included in the links below}. 7 summer celebration worthy desserts

1 | an ice cream tasting – so much fun to serve family style at the end of a summer meal with an array of flavors for guests.  I would definitely include my favorite ice cream {Ginger flavored} by Batch made locally in Boston in the mix.  {photo via}

2 | This mint chocolate chip macarons and ice cream cones recipe by Raspberry Cupcakes is to die for!  And the presentation would be darling for a birthday party or shower.

3 | Super light and refreshing, not to mention relatively healthy, this pink grapefruit sorbet by Pig Pig’s Corner looks like a nice palette cleansing way to end a summer meal.

4 | This white chocolate and lavender ice cream by How Sweet it Is looks amazing!!  I would say this would be a beautiful year round recipe.  Such a lovely combination of flavors.

5 | A rustic strawberry cake to take advantage of the sweetest strawberries of the year!

6 | These black plum ice cream with homemade graham cracker sandwiches by Chasing Delicious would be perfect for a cookout!  Not only is the recipe incredible, the rustic presentation with parchment paper and twine make them look like little gifts!!

7 | A s’mores party incorporating fresh peaches and strawberries.  This would be great to serve late night at the end of a wedding, I designed a wedding for a client who hosted an artisan s’mores bar towards the end of the evening and it was very well received by guests.

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