4th of july festivity

How fun is the fourth of July?  Summer, fireworks, casual outdoor festivities, what’s not to love?  Should you be hosting a 4th of July feast, this table set-up is great fun with mixed blue and white plates, farmer’s market baskets of freshness and carafes of wine!!

1 | create a vertical placemat with these red french striped towels from Ikea
2 | mix and match blue rimmed dishes. this hand painted dot pattern plate from west elm would be a great part of the mix
3 | these brasserie blue-banded porcelain plates are made in Japan and available exclusively on-line at williams-sonoma
4 |  why not have some games out to add to your gathering?  this belgian dart set by Best Made co. in New York would compliment any 4th of july fête
5 | color pop tumbler by shop terrain
6 | having carafes of wine, water and sangria out during a family style meal just add to the ambience
7 | lobster and summer in new england go hand in hand.  make a refined take on the lobster roll with this open-faced lobster sandwich using a yummy lemon and avocado puree.

cheers to a fun fourth festivity and happy weekend to you!


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