2014 gift guide | gifts for the hostess

‘Tis officially the season and I am excited to be sharing my first gift guide for the holidays with you today.  Given that Thanksgiving is next week, I thought it would be fun to kick off the holiday gift guide season with gifts for the gracious hosts & hostesses opening their doors to us this season.  Hostess gifts are always important, however I think especially during the holiday season, {a busy time for everyone} I genuinely appreciate friends willing to host a party or dinner during this time. When it comes to hostess gifts, I always like to have a few on hand so when the day of the party arrives, I don’t have to run around for the perfect gift amidst the holiday frenzy.  My goal with this guide was to share unique and thoughtful options that on the lower end could simply be a thoughtful hostess gift, and on the higher end could double as a holiday gift/hostess gift depending on your relationship with the person who’s home you’ve been invited to.

Below are my picks for this season.

2014 | Gifts for the hostess


snowflakes & stars || fabulous cocktail napkins || a winter scent {free shipping} ||  table

art: oyster salt cellars & jacobsen & co. sea salt || handmade in the U.S.  || a holiday libation || wine bags || a slice of paris || festive holiday plates || a crowd pleaser || jcoco chocolates || cheers cocktail shaker || cocktail inspiration {softcover}  {free shipping} ||  hardcover

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